Yvonni Markaki Researcher


Yvonni is a researcher on the REMINDER project, working on a work package analysing drivers of opinions and norms.

Yvonni Markaki previously worked with the Migration Observatory as a research officer, and also assisted with the Migration Services in Wales project and activities for the Global Exchange on Migration & Diversity.

She specialises in applied economic and social research on international migration. Her interests include the impacts of international migration, immigrants’ integration and participation in the labour market, public opinion, and poverty. Yvonni has a PhD in Applied Social and Economic Research and a Master’s degree in Public Opinion Analysis & Polling from the University of Essex. Prior to joining COMPAS, she worked as a Research Assistant on the NORFACE funded project ‘Migrant Diversity and Regional Disparity in Europe’, at the Institute for Social & Economic Research, University of Essex, and as a consultant and data analyst for governments at both local and national levels.


DiscriminationEuropean UnionIllegalityIntegrationLabour MarketsPoliciesPoliticsPublic Opinion

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Madeleine Sumption, Martin Ruhs and Yvonni Markaki | March – April 2015

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Carlos Vargas-Silva, Madeleine Sumption, Martin Ruhs and Yvonni Markaki | February – April 2015

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Carlos Vargas-Silva, Jonathan Price, Sarah Spencer and Yvonni Markaki | January 2015 – March 2017

Role of European Mobility and its Impacts in Narratives, Debates and EU Reforms (REMINDER)

Carlos Vargas-Silva, Madeleine Sumption, Martin Ruhs, Mikal Mast, Rob McNeil, Scott Blinder, William Allen and Yvonni Markaki | January 2017 - December 2019