Ole Jensen

Ole Jensen

Research Officer

+ 44 (0)1865 274689


Ole Jensen is a research officer at COMPAS, primarily working on projects in the Urban Change and Settlement cluster.

Ole has a PhD in International Development Studies from Roskilde University in Denmark. His PhD focussed on livelihoods strategies and migration in Pakistan, based on multi-sited fieldwork in mountain villages in Kashmir and in Karachi. He has also worked as a livelihood advisor for and NGO in Afghanistan, developing needs-based intervention methodologies.

In a UK context, Ole has previously done a 1-year ESRC-funded research project on social cohesion and neighbourhood relations in a multicultural urban setting in south-eastern England. He has also done short-term work on social cohesion and A10 immigration in the London Boroughs of Redbridge and Waltham Forest.

Ole is presently involved in the Concordia Discorse project, carrying out fieldwork on inter-group relations in two selected neighbourhoods in Southwark in London.

Ole is a member of the Urban Change and Settlement cluster at COMPAS, as well as of the Flows and Dynamics cluster. Research interests: Social cohesion and inter-group relations; the meanings and politics of place; generational dynamics; multi-sited fieldwork and transnationalism.

Selected Publications

Jensen, O. (2011) Experiences of community and belonging in South-east England (under review).

Tyler, K. and O. Jensen (2009) 'Communities within Communities: A Longitudinal Approach to Minority/Majority Relationships and Social Cohesion'. Research report for the RES-000-22-2796 ESRC project. University of Surrey.

Jensen, O. and K. Tyler (2009) 'Communities within Communities: Reflections on Belonging, Ethnicity and Neighbourhood Relations' in Maybury-Sheerwater, Woking. University of Surrey.