Katie Wright Research Affiliate


Katie Wright is a Reader in International Development (Global Studies, University of East London) and associate fellow of the Institute of the Americas (University of London). She is the author of ‘International Migration, Development and Human Wellbeing’ (Palgrave, 2012), which draws on ESRC funded empirical research with London and Madrid-based Peruvian migrants and their relatives in Peru. Her recent research explores the intergenerational transmission of human wellbeing amongst Latin American migrant mothers and their daughters and fathers and their sons. Katie is a trustee of the NGO ‘Latin Elephant’ which promotes the inclusion of Latin Americans in urban regeneration processes.

Following the seminar she gave in the Michaelmas 2015 COMPAS series Wellbeing and Migration in the UK, Katie will be collaborating with Caroline Oliver on setting up a research cluster on international migration, human wellbeing and the life course with a view to developing a one day workshop on this theme.