Anastasia Bermúdez Torres Visiting Academic

Dr. Bermudez is a Ramón y Cajal Researcher in the department of Anthropology at the Universidad de Sevilla and scientific associate at CEDEM (Centre for Ethnic and Migration Studies, Université de Liège). She holds a PhD and an MSc in Geography from Queen Mary (University of London), an MA in Area Studies (Latin America) from the Institute of Latin American Studies (University of London) and a BA in Human Geography and Politics (Queen Mary).

Her research has focused on Latin American migration to Europe, local-transnational migrant politics and integration, with a specific interest on the gendered diaspora politics of Colombian migrants in the context of conflict and search for peace in the home country. During her Marie-Curie COFUND Fellowship at the Université de Liège (2013-2015), she looked at the impact of the recent economic crisis on Colombian migrant communities in Madrid, London and Brussels. Currently, she is starting a new project (funded by Spain’s science ministry) exploring new intra-EU mobilities and the family, labour and political strategies of recent Spanish ‘transmigrants’.

Recent Publications

Bermudez, A. and Oso, L. (forthcoming) “’Kites’ and ‘Anchors’: the (im)mobility strategies of transnational Latin American families against the crisis in Spain”, Population, Space and Place.

Bermudez, A. and Brey, E. (2017) “New immigration and emigration flows and policies in Spain”. In Lafleur, J.M. and Stanek, M. (eds) South-North migration of EU citizens in times of crisis. IMISCOE-Springer Research Series

Bermudez, A. (2016) International Migration, Transnational Politics and Conflict. The Gendered Experiences of Colombian Migrants in Europe. London: Palgrave Mcmillan

Dr. Bermudez is also the coordinator of the IMISCOE Research Cluster ‘Revisiting mobilities between Europe and Latin America: the transnational circulation of people, ideas and practices in the 21st century