Franck Düvell speaks to Turkish Ministry on policy and academia

1 November 2012

COMPAS Senior Researcher Franck Düvell was invited by the Turkish Ministry for Interior’s Bureau for Asylum and Migration to speak at a seminar, on October 16, on policy-academia cooperation.

Conducted research and previous obstacles to cooperation between policy and academia were among the topics discussed. Franck added experiences from the research-policy dialogues in the EU, Germany and UK. He also reported on the work of the Migration Observatory and the Turkish Migration Studies Group at COMPAS, University of Oxford. Further issues raised were possibilities for and modes of future collaboration.

Turkey has been described as treasure box for migration researchers because of (a) its complex and changing migration patterns, (b) its fundamental policy reform process and (c) the overall rise to an economic and political power. Therefore, speaking at the event was a great opportunity to contribute to the research-policy dialogue.