Learn more about the Oxford MSc in Migration Studies

6 September 2012

A new podcast gives insight into the MSc in Migration Studies offered at Oxford University. 

The podcast, the first in a series related the MSc programme, allows you to listen to a discussion with lecturer Mette Berg and four students: Saskia Blume, Tess Hellgren, Katyana Melic, Gustavo Rangel Guerrero.

The podcast is available through a dedicated MSc in Migration Studies feed through both the University of Oxford and through iTunesU.

Mette Berg has also recently written a blog post about the MSc programme, "What is the Oxford University MSc in Migration Studies?"

This interdisciplinary, 9-month Masters degree is jointly offered by the School of Anthropology and the Oxford Department of International Development. The course draws on the intellectual resources of its two parent departments and the three world-leading migration research centres at Oxford (COMPAS, IMI and RSC). The programme allows students to explore human mobility in a historical and global perspective, and to address the complex relations between global political economy, migratory experiences, and government and social responses.