Special issue on immigration detention

3 August 2012

COMPAS students have co-edited and provided papers for a journal special issue on immigration detention. 

The Population, Space and Place Special Issue on Immigration Detention was co-edited by Stephanie Silverman. The issue originated from a symposium on the meaning and practice of immigration detention co-convened by Stephanie in May 2010 in Oxford with COMPAS co-funding. 

COMPAS students Cetta Mainwaring and Melanie Griffiths also provided papers for the journal. 

Cetta's papers "Constructing a Crisi: The Role of Immigration Detention in Malta" examines the role that detention has played in the Maltese government's response to the flows of irregular immigration to the island in the 21st century. 

In "Anonymous Aliens? Questions of Identification in the Detention and Deportation of Failed Asylum Seekers" Melanie argues that the concepts of identity and identification are useful in understanding situations of impasse arising in practical obstacles that frustrate the removal of immigration detainees.