Grant awarded for border security research

22 August 2012

Bastian Vollmer has been awarded a 3- year Fellowship by The Leverhulme Trust for research on border security. 

The Fellowship, looking at 'Border security: discourses and practices in the UK', will begin in April 2013. 

The nature and rationale of border security has changed over the past decade. Intensifying transformations challenge border security in the UK and across the globe - an issue that has a high public profile. It raises questions regarding the understanding, meaning and reality of border security in the UK.

Bastian's research will test if and how narratives or 'discourses' match with the reality at UK borders using a mixed-methods, multi-dimensional, multi-actor research design. Based on new empirical data the project will revisit the relation between border, territory, sovereignty and security. The outcome will be a new theorisation of border security.