Franck Düvell speaks on Georgian Day of Diaspora

29 May 2012

On invitation of the Ministry for Diaspora Issues of Georgia Franck Düvell attended the Day of Diaspora in Georgia on 27 May 2012.

This followed the Georgian independence day and included an 'International  conference on Diaspora and Migration Issues' as well as celebrations. 

The conference was attended by around 200 people, including policy makers, ambassadors, civil servants, academics and teachers of Georgian language abroad. It was addressed by delegations of diaspora relations and immigration authorities from India, Israel, Italy, Armenia, Greece, and Switzerland that manage either diasporic affairs or their integration.

Franck talked on the challenges of migration, integration and diaspora issues which he conceptualised as an issue of managing social, political and cultural change.

The overall tone of the conference was very positive about migration and transnational diaspora engagement and hence did not stress the mostly tragic memories or employ the negative perceptions that have been so prominent in the past. Instead, it focused on the potential or actual benefits of migration for all actors, sending and receiving countries and the migrants themselves and on examples of good governance.