Franck Düvell present at the first Tadlidil Forum

20 October 2011

Franck Düvell has addressed the British-Turkish High Level Forum, aiding the fostering of British-Turkish relations. 

Franck Düvell  was invited to address the inaugural meeting on 8 October of the British-Turkish High Level Forum (Tadlidil ) in Ditchley  Park, Oxfordshire. He was invited by the former UK Foreign Secretary Rt Hr Jack Straw. The aim of this forum is to foster British-Turkish relations. 

The Tadlidil Forum will be held annually and will be hosted by Turkey in 2012. 

The meeting was attended by 80 senior British and Turkish figures from politics, business and academia. The attendees included Baroness Ashton, EU  foreign representative, the UK EU minister VC Hamilton, and the former Turkish foreign minister. 

The British-Turkish High Level Forum ("Tadlidil" ) reflects the recognition that

a) Turkey is another emerging power and already dubbed an economic tiger,

(b) Turkey is a strategic actor in the Middle East and 

(c) the meeting is a response to the EU's delays, notably French and German objections to Turkey's EU membership and some UK actors instead now promote strengthening bilateral relations and thus leave aside some other EU member states.

Among the issues discussed at the forum were travel and migration restrictions, notably visa restrictions. Düvell demonstrated that Turkish travel and migration to the UK is relatively small-scale and currently gives very little reasons for concern. Various speakers reported sometimes humiliating experiences with the visa procedure and highlighted negative consequences for businesses and universities. 

Though recognising the current anti-immigration climate in the UK ideas were exchanged how to lobby government over this issue.