COMPAS Highlights

Turkey-EU Civil Society Meeting: The Future of Europe
9 Jan 2017 | Franck Duvell attending a meeting with Turkey’s Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Ömer Çelik and Academy and Civil Society Representatives at the Institute of Directors

Young People and Migration in the UK: An Overview
19 Dec 2016 | New report from the Migration Observatory

What to look for in the quarterly migration statistics after the referendum
30 Nov 2016 | New commentary from the Migration Observatory

Meeting the challenge: Voluntary sector services for destitute migrant children and families
23 Nov 2016 | New report by Jonathan Price

Urbanisation, migration & the future metropolis (available on youtube)
17 Nov 2016 Michael Keith seminar at Oxford Martin School

A Decade of Immigration in the British Press
7 Nov 2016 | New report from the Migration Observatory

Destination Europe? Understanding the dynamics and drivers of Mediterranean migration in 2015
3 Nov 2016 | MEDMIG project publishes new report

The Geopolitics Of Fear: South East Europe In A Triangle Of Uncertainty – Russia, Middle East, North Africa
18 Oct 2016 | Franck Düvell on Mediterranean refugee crisis at the  Global Strategy Forum

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Citizenship and the Politics of Exclusion
6 Oct 2016 | Bridget Anderson keynote at Chicano Latino Research Centre, UC Santa Cruz

Building Bridges and Institutions
5 Oct 2016 | Bridget Anderson seminar at Chicano Latino Research Centre, UC Santa Cruz

Linking Citizenship, Migration, Labor, Border, and Carceral Studies
4 Oct 2016 | Bridget Anderson seminar at Chicano Latino Research Centre, UC Santa Cruz

UN Summit to hear new research on why refugees and migrants crossed the Mediterranean in 2015
19 Sep 2016 | MEDMIG project publishes research briefs and press release

MRN Event – The Byron Burger Case: immigration enforcement and workers’ rights
6 Sep 2016 | Bridget Anderson participates in panel discussion at SOAS.

Here today, gone tomorrow? The status of EU citizens already living in the UK
3 Aug 2016 | New commentary from the Migration Observatory

Educational Outcomes Among Children with English as an Additional Language (EAL)
13 Jul 2016 | New Migration Observatory briefing

Non-EU Higher Education Students: Impact on the UK Economy
13 Jul 2016 | New Migration Observatory briefing

From a refugee crisis to a crisis of the EU
23 Jun 2016 | Franck Düvell speaks at DAAD Cambridge workshop

What would UK immigration policy look like after Brexit?
9 Jun 2016 | New commentary from the Migration Observatory

Vienna Festival Universal Hospitality Open Forum
3 Jun 2016 | Franck Düvell gives keynote on the Refugee Crisis, Historical Precedence, Issues of Justice and the Future of Europe

World Humanitarian Summit Academic Forum
21 May 2016 | Franck Düvell gives presentation on Humanitarian Action in the Context of the Influx of Refugees to Neighboring Countries

MiReKoc/SAM International Migration and Diplomacy conference in Istanbul
18 May 2016 | Franck Düvell gives presentation on Key challenges for European Diplomacy

Potential Implications of Admission Criteria for EU Nationals Coming to the UK
6 May 2016 | Migration Observatory report

EU Migration, Welfare Benefits and EU Membership
4 May 2016 | Migration Observatory report

Us and Them? Bridget Anderson on Migrants and Nation-States
3 May 2016 | Carnegie Council podcast Ethics Matter

Explained: EU Migration to the UK
26 Apr 2016 | Data animation from the Migration Observatory

The Invasive Other – 34th Social Research Conference
20 Apr 2016 | Bridget Anderson speaking on Strategies for Open Borders – Mediterranean crisis and idea of the commons

Conflict, Migration and Identity in Modern Ireland: Global and transnational perspectives
14 Apr 2016 | Bridget Anderson delivers keynote address at IASIL conference

Pulling power: Why are EU citizens migrating to the UK?
13 Apr 2016 | Migration Observatory commentary

Unpacking a Rapidly Changing Scenario
22 Mar 2016 | MEDMIG project publishes research brief

Project unclear: Uncertainty, Brexit and migration
11 Mar 2016 | Migration Observatory commentary

A new normal? Net migration levels off, but remains at record high levels
25 Feb 2016 | Migration Observatory press release

Massive refugee influx, collapsed borders, humanitarian crisis: Quo Vadis Europa?
24 Feb 2016 | Franck Düvell speaking at SEESOX seminar

Young Migrants in the UK Labour Market
11 Feb 2016 | New Migration Observatory briefing

The Minimum Income Requirement for Non-EEA Family Members in the UK
27 Jan 2016 | New Migration Observatory report

Sanctuary Social Work News cites COMPAS research
6 Jan 2016 | Article on the immigration bill on pages 8-11

Why does UK immigration policy focus on restriction and control?
2 Dec 2015 | Bastian Vollmer publishes article in CritCom

Demographics of young migrants in the UK
30 Nov 2015 | New Migration Observatory briefing

How should the UK think about how many refugees to take?
24 Nov 2015 | New Migration Observatory commentary

The migrant and refugee crisis
26 Oct 2015 | Bridget Anderson & Nick Van Hear in panel discussion

Explore our new design and content
21 Oct 2015 | New COMPAS website launched

Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD)
16 Oct 2015 |  Fanck Düvell speaks at the states forum and open space

2015/16 MSc in Migration Studies cohort arrives
15 Oct 2015 | Course director Dace Dzenovska welcomes new students

‘Managing International Migration? Visa Policies in the EU & North America’
28 Sep 2015 | Franck Düvell hosting International Workshop

Refugee crisis: the tug of war between hospitality and prejudice
21 Sep 2015 | Bridget Anderson comments in the Guardian

Unravelling the Mediterranean Migration Crisis (MEDMIG)
18 Sep 2015 | Franck Düvell participating in a new ESRC project

Britain takes in so few refugees from Syria they would fit on a subway train
1 Sep 2015 | Washington Post cites Franck Düvell

Round numbers and records: What do headline statistics tell us about migration?
25 Aug 2015 | Migration Observatory commentary

Britain and France Point Fingers as Migrant Crisis Becomes a Political One
31 Jul 2015 | Franck Düvell cited in New York Times

Franck Düvell addresses House of Lords on migrant smuggling
22 Jul 2015 | Franck Düvell

Recent trends in EU nationals born inside and outside the EU
16 Jul 2015 | new Migration Observatory commentary

Presentation in Tokyo on the recruitment process of Chinese migrants.
5 Jul 2015 | Biao Xiang

New special issue ‘EU Migration Legacies – Perspectives from Sending Countries
15 July 2015 | Bastian Vollmer

MIPEX launches new Migrant Integration Policy Index today
30 June 2015 | Ben Gidley

International students and the net migration target: Should students be taken out?
26 Jun 2015 | New Migration Observatory commentary

Review of Policy Discourses on Irregular Migration in Germany & the United Kingdom
29 Jun 2015 | Bastian Vollmer

Call for Papers for workshop on visa policies
23 Jun 2015 | Franck Düvell

COMPAS researcher rewarded John Fell grant for new project on migration and the NHS
22 Jun 2015 | Carlos Vargas-Silva

Rethinking integration for the age of superdiversity: how to adapt public services?
18 Jun 2015 | Ben Gidley presenting on UPSTREAM project in Brussels

OxTALENT 2015 Data Visualisation award
16 Jun 2015 | Will Allen wins award for Big Data project

Safeguarding children from destitution: Local authority responses to families with ‘no recourse to public funds’
3 Jun 2015 | New report launched

Skilled migrants and a tight cap
14 May 2015 | New Migration Observatory commentary